Motorcycles Grooming Services

Basic Motorbike Wash:

1. All Classes: $19

2. XL Bikes (with panel boxes, Big Harley, BMWGS or equivalent): $25

Process Include:

• Pre-wash, rinse (NO pressure jet)

• Foam: PH neutral Shampoo, safe for your existing H9/ceramic coated

• Rim degreasing with Iron remover.


- Sonax Spray+Seal, based on sizes: + $6 - $12

*Most Popular, awesome Hydrophobicity that causes rain water to bead-off while riding,


- Chain degreasing with ECCO degreaser (corrosion safe as it's biodegradable) and lubricate with Muc-off lubricant. +$12


Premium Bike Grooming:

  1. All Classes: $90 

  2. Class 2 with faring like; Hayabusa, CBR, R1 and all classes of Scooter: $110 

  3. Bigger size bikes like: Harley Davidson, BMW GS, Goldwing or equivalent: $120

Process Include:

  • Foam shampoo and hand wash.

  • Degrease rims. 

  • Chain degreasing with ECCO degreaser (does not hurt the pin and o-ring) and lube with Muc-off chain lube

  • Remove parts that hindrances 

  • Remove plastic shield to polish 

  • Polish to remove all swirls & scratches on All Polished Area.

  • Darken all engine parts and plastic. 

  • Polish Chrome Exhast, extra chrome parts and headed de-rust subjected to evaluation at $30/up base on area and complexity. 

  • Apply SONAX Polymer Sealant on all painted, Chrome and Rim surfaces, last about 6-month.


  • Chrome polishing additional + $30 

  • Plastic shield polishing + $50 - $80 base on condition

  • Exhaust Header polishing $50> based on evolution of its condition, down time 3-5hrs.

  • Maintenance Grooming with Sonax Polymer, darken engine & plastic trims, prices at $30 - $90


Bike Ceramic Coating:

1. Basic Ceramic Coating with Sonax CC ONE, prices: $180/ based on sizes 

  • Down time - 3 to 4 hours 

  • Protection of 12 months 

  • High gloss level & great hydrophobicity

  • Frequency of maintenance - Monthly with SONAX Spray+Seal

2. Premium Ceramic Coating with SONAX CCEVO, prices: $230/up base on sizes

  • Down time - 3 to 4 hours 

  • Protection of 18 months 

  • Very high gloss level & extreme hydrophobicity

  • Frequency of maintenance - Monthly with SONAX Spray+Seal

*Please Note: Appointment Only. Bike down time will be about 3-4 hours.


Motorbike Helmet Coating & Polishing:

$50 - $80 ​:​

The coating creates a layer of protection against swirl and scratches, also brings out the shine, deepen the color and enhances the detail of your helmet. Before coating we will:

  • Clean up entire helmet

  • Polish till shine

  • Polish visor to remove swirl and light scratches 

  • Coat visor with rain repellent 

  • $30 for quick polish

*Please Note: Helmet needs to cure over a day before use, please bring a spare. 


SPECIAL PROMOTION For Bike Ceramic Coating

Double up Full Grooming price for a Ceramic Coating… (base on bike size)

Check with Our Service Staff for more Details.

For Premium bike grooming service engaged

Prices based on bike sizes/area to be coated.

Dual layer Ceramic Coating with

SONAX BaseCoat & House-brand Gloss Coating