Car Wash 10 Step Car Spa


- Small Hatchback & Japanese Saloon car less than 2L: $30

- All the rest: $35

- Large MPV; Alphard/Velfire: $45

- Van: $50

- Passenger Van: $70

  1. Pre-Wash: pressure rinse whole car.

  2. Foam with SONAX Acti Foam Energy shampoo. PH neutral, Ceramic Coating Safe

  3. Wheels Cleaning with SONAX Iron Removal Wheel Cleaner. 

  4. Hand Wash with special wash mitt and clean-water bucket rinse with Grit Guard insert.

  5. Pressure rinse off and dry with professional microfiber tower

  6. Interior vacuum on seats, dash, cockpit and carpet. 

  7. Disinfect 🦠 wipe interior on seats, side panels, dash & steering with Disinfectant Sanitiser.

  8. Wipe down door sills & trims 

  9. Glass cleaning with SONAX Professional Glass Cleaner.

  10. Tire shine with SONAX Professional Tire shine.

Add on for Car Spa:

  1. Application of SONAX Spray+Sealant like a wax that increase shine and hydrophobicity, last a month. Suitable for Ceramic Coated or Non-Coated cars. + $12 - $15 - $18. 

  2. Sonax AC cleaner, remove bad smell, clean and kills bacteria 🦠 in the air,  $15. 

  3. Application of Sonax Leather Milk Care to condition leather seats + $15 - $20 (MPV)

  4. Pest Fumigation to get rid of cockroaches +$50, takes 45mins will include disinfect 🦠 wipe down. 

  5. ClayBar-ing to remove contaminants on car & feeling smooth on your car surfaces again, include SONAX spray+seal wax to protect. +$35 - $40 - $45


Car Interior Grooming:

$90 - $120 Premium Grooming with Full Surface Conditioning

  • Full vacuum, Dash, Air vents, Compartments, Mats & floor/carpet 

  • Disinfectant spray on carpet and floor

  • Dash and side doors panel Vinyl clean & shine with Cabin Shine, non-oily formula that deepens and renew plastic and rubber outlook. 

  • Leather clean & conditioning with Cabin Care or 

  • Fabric seats clean and coat with Fabric coating.

  • Dirty Carpets or Fabric seat shampoo extraction and/or steam cleaning:

       Additional $30++ (Based on Evaluation)

Nano Technology products that protect your interior from stain, easy to clean, water repellent, non oily, reviving the new look of it and has a New Car scent. We assured that you will love it, come by to EnGloz your interior!


Additional Services, À La Carte:

  1. Glasshield Rain Repellent Promotion! For Front Windscreen Only @ $25 (usual: $38). Glasshield prolong lifespan of the wiper and does not cause it to vibrate or chatter. Please Note: Bad Condition Glass Requires Polishing +$50.  Coat all glass: $65 

  2. Wax Coat for Rim & Tire Shine: $28 - $38

  3. Super Hydrophobic Coat, SONAX Spray & Seal: $15 / $18

  4. Engine Bay Clean and Coat: $50

  5. Convertible Top Clean and Coat: $80

  6. Single Headlight Restoration: $60

  7. Windscreen Polishing: $30 

  8. Each Additional Side Glass Panel Polishing: $15

  9. Polish all Glass Promotion: $110

10a. Pest Fumigation (Removal of Pests such as roaches in your car) with Interior grooming service is +$30, with car wash is: +$50

10b: stand alone Pest Fumigation without Car Spa or interior grooming package: $70


H9 Car Ceramic Coating

(Paint Protection System (PPS)

Appointment is Needed: 

Please NOTE, Car needs to be left in our shop from morning till evening, as polishing and coating takes about 5 to 6 hours, plus coating requires a few hours to cure for full hardness and a hydrophobic effect.

EnGloz Ceramic Coating packages:

  1. Sonax CC36 (dual layer): base on car size and conditions: $480/up - last about a > year base on weather condition being exposed.

  2. Premium Sonax EVO (dual layer): base on car size and conditions: $780/up - last about 1.5> years base on weather condition being exposed.

  3. Exterior polishing and coating with single layer Sonax BaseCoat, base on car size and conditions: $280/up, should last about 9months. Exterior polishing & coat only.

Following processes are included in CC36 & Premium EVO (not for BaseCoat except the item #1):

  1. Car wash, Rim degreasing, clay bar treatment and polish/paint correct whole car. 

  2. Polish windscreen and all windows to remove Rain marks. 

  3. Apply Rain Repellent coating on windscreen.

  4. Interior Grooming with Sonax  protectant for plastic trims and dash

  5. Clean all seats and Apply leather protectant or fabric coating. 

  6. Free One Premium wash with interior vacuum and future maintenance is to come for our regular car wash and EnGloz will take special care of maintaining your car coating.


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