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Professional Services



Basic Car Wash:

$25 small/normal size cars

$29 SUV/MPV/VAN/big size cars/super cars

  1. Pre-Wash, pressure rinse whole car.

  2. Foaming with SONAX PH Neutral shampoo, Phosphate-free/PH balance, safe for your existing H9/ceramic coated cars.

  3. With SONAX Wheel Cleaner Rim degreasing and wheel scrub with woollies.

  4. Hand Wash with special wash mitt and dual-bucket rinse with Grit Guard insert.

  5. Pressure rinse off and dry with professional microfiber cloth.

  6. Carpet vacuum with Disinfectant Spray

  7. Glass Clean with SONAX Glass cleaner

  8. Wipe down door trims, sills and interior rubber seals.

  9. Tire shine with SONAX Tire shine

Interior Grooming:

$90 - $120 Premium grooming with Nasiol Nano Technology fabric/leather coating. 

a. Full vacuum, Dash, Air vents, Compartments, Matts & floor/carpet 
b. Disinfectant spray on carpet and floor
c. Dash and side doors panel Vinyl clean & shine with Nasiol Cabin shine, non-oily formula that deepens and renew plastic and rubber outlook. 
d. Leather clean & conditioning with Nasiol CabinCare or 
e. Fabric seats clean and coat with Nasiol fabric coating.

Carpet or Fabric/leather seat shampoo extraction: $30/up (base on evaluation).

Nasiol Nano Technology products that protect your interior from stain, easy to clean, water repellent, non oily, reviving the new look of it and has a New Car scent. We assured that you will love it, come by to EnGloz your interior!

Additional Services, À La Carte:

  1. Nasiol Glasshield  Rain Repellent Promotion! For Front Windscreen Only @ $25 (usual: $38). Nasiol Glasshield prolong lifespan of the wiper and does not cause it to vibrate or chatter. Please Note: Bad Condition Glass Requires Polishing +$50. Coat all glass: $65 

  2. Wax Coat for Rim & Tire Shine:    $28 - $38

  3. Super Hydrophobic Coat, SONAX Spray & Seal: $15 / $18

  4. Engine Bay Clean and Coat: $70

  5. Convertible Top Clean and Coat:     $80

  6. Single Headlight Restoration:   $60

  7. Windscreen Polishing: $30 

  8. Each Additional Side Glass Panel Polishing: $15

  9. Polish all Glass Promotion: $110

10a. Pest Fumigation (Removal of Pests such as roaches in your car): $30 

10b: Pest Fumigation without interior grooming-package: $70


Basic Motorbike Wash:

Class 2A & 2B, $15

Class 2, $19

XL Bikes (Harley CVO, BMW GS, Goldwing equivalent): $25

Pre-Wash, Rinse Foam PH Neutral Shampoo, Safe for Your Existing H9/Ceramic Coating, Rim De-Greasing with Iron Remover, Coat with SONAX Brilliant Shine (spray wax with high hydrophobic effect)

Premium Bike Grooming:

Class 2B: $46

Class 2A: $52

Class 2: $58

XL Bikes (Harley D, Goldwing, BMW GS or equivalent): $78

Chrome polishing and sealant coat: + $30 

Full grooming include wash, prep, remove swirl/reduce scratches on paint coat and apply polymer sealant protection.

À La Carte / Extra Service:

  1. Chain degreasing with ECO degreaser (biodegradable type, prolong chain life) and lubrication with Muc-off ceramic lube:  $12.​​

  2. Chrome polishing with Polymer Sealant Coating: $38 / $58 base on area to polish/coat.

  3. Basic Ceramic Coating with Nasiol ZR53, Ceramic Coating on Paint + Metal and Vinyl Coat, life span is about 1.5 Years:  $180 - $280 base on area to coat.​​

  4. Premium Ceramic Coating with Nasiol NL272, can last up to 3 years or more. $280 - $380 base on area to coat.​

H9 Premium Ceramic Coating

Appointments Only, depending on paint conditions, vehicle needs to be left with us for a day (leave at noon and collect at night) or overnight.

Our Ceramic coating service include Vehicle inspection, visual check with professional lighting and with Elcometer paint meter for:

  • Hidden Rework

  • Vehicle Impact Damage

  • Vehicle Respray

  • Filled Body Panels

Nasiol is our ceramic coating products, Check Out: https://www.nasiol.com

Quality of Nasiol Ceramic coating:

  1. Nasiol is High Quality Professional grade product, made in Turkey and is very well established in Europe.

  2. Increases car paint durability

  3. It has UV protection

  4. Increase gross and deepen color

  5. Adding thickness to paint and usually 2-3 times harder than the original paint clear coat

  6. Increase Hydrophobic, water will bead and sheet off

  7. Self-cleaning capability, hence, so much easier to wash.

Car needs to be left in our shop from Morning till evening, as polishing and coating takes 6 to 8 hours, coating required few hours to cure for full hardness and hydrophobic effect.

Full process, include prep of proper wash, Clay, polish and alcohol wipe.

Special Promotion for Premium Coating on cars: 
•    Free Interior Grooming with Nasiol Nano Technology coatings. 
•    Free Glasshield, Rain Repellent coating on windscreen.
•    Free One Premium Coating maintenance, EnGloz will take special care on your car.

H9 Ceramic Coating

For Long Lasting Protection

NASIOL NL272 Nano Layer Ceramic Coating

Nasiol NL272 is state-of-the-art nano-layer formulation for vehicle surface protection which is also called Nano Ceramic Coating. Its smart materials imbue your valued possessions with unrivaled durability and longevity.

Nano Layer 272 forms a layer of smooth, hard nano-scale coating, protecting against environmental conditions, chemicals, stone-chips and minor scratches. Ultra-high gloss finish ensures your vehicle has an attractive look.

NL272 is suitable for the protection of gloss, car paint, headlights, tails indicators, hard plastic trims. Nasiol NL 272 coated surfaces gains an extremely high hydrophobic properties that can be easily cleaned.

You can effortless remove stains that are difficult to remove such as dirt, dust, mud, bird droppings. We strongly recommend the best nano ceramic coating ever created NL272

Ceramic Coating Nano 9H Paint Protection

Nasiol ZR53 is the ultimate nano car paint protection system against harmful effects like acid rains, bird droppings, scratches, sunburn and bad washing techniques.

It is applied on car paint, plastic trims, bumpers with an easy one step application ensuring 3 years durable nano ceramic coating protection.

Its unique technology enables it to achieve a thick coating, and this coating effectively protects your car.

  • Nasiol ZR53 coated surfaces gain a highly-hydrophobic surface that results to an easy-clean. 

  • Water, mud, dust, grime;  they all slide off, requiring little to no time and effort for a superior shine. 

  • Your car stays cleaner and shinier for longer with Nasiol ZR53. Always with a fresh-from-the-carwash look! 

Unlike other ceramic coatings, ZR53 only gets crystallized at nano level when applied, but not crystallized at non-nano level.

It doesn't harden completely but has a complex two-layer coating system, once applied, giving it a soft layer at the bottom and a hard layer at the top, ensuring maximum resistance and elasticity superior to other ceramic coatings. 

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